A bit about me, and about how Making Faces Illustration began

I have always had a passion for drawing and painting, making images has always been the thing that I have loved to do the most.  I have a degree in Fine Art and Painting from Winchester School of Art and I have spent many, many years mastering techniques and refining my skills. I am a qualified art teacher and a Mum to two adorable and cheeky little people.

My mother is an artist and I have many fond memories of her trying to draw my brother and I as children. I remember the pride and excitement of having my portrait drawn, followed by the difficulty of sitting still without fidgeting and the inevitable frustration from my Mum as the distractions proved to be just too tempting (it was always particularly difficult to resist not getting up to look at the drawing).

So when I became a mother I too began to draw but, learning the lessons of my childhood, I worked mainly from photographs. I have found drawing and painting my children to be a beautiful and poignant way of recording their journey. The images that I have made hold more importance and weight than a photograph of them ever could. I knew I was making artworks that would be treasured by generations to come.

Some friends of mine saw my work and asked if I could draw their children too. It was then that I realised that I had an opportunity to help others to record precious moments of their children’s journeys – a permanent and perfect way of capturing the moment and bringing the character and spirit of each child to life in a way that can be enjoyed for generations. And so, Making Faces Illustration was born…