Why a portrait?

A portrait created by the hand of an Artist is a wonderful and permanent way to record your child’s journey. In an age when it is possible for us to photograph our children all day every day, how often do we really manage to capture the absolute and true essence of our little ones in just one image?

This is exactly what I aim to do with the portraits that I create for you. I take your digital photos and, in my studio in Norfolk, turn them into wonderful portraits that will really bring the most precious people in your world to life. I notice details and highlights, an expression or a look – subtle nuances that a photograph might miss because of the way it is composed or lit. It is these tiny things that are so important and can really bring out a child’s character and personality – the bits that make them ‘them’.

You see, a portrait is different from a photograph. It is much, much more special. It tells the whole story about its subject which is always so much more than what was just captured in the moment.

The result is a gorgeous piece of art, with your favourite people as the subject. And that’s always something to treasure.


Portraits make incredible gifts

That’s not an overstatement.  In fact, they have been given to loved ones and admirers as the most thoughtful and valued of gifts throughout history and time.  Quite aside from being a beautiful and accomplished piece of art, a portrait tells a story about its subject and inspires memories.  It gives people something to talk about, something to enjoy looking at, something to show off but above all something to love and cherish. 

Start your own family art collection today by commissioning a portrait from me of someone you love.  It can stay with, and in, your family for years and years.  It’s the perfect gift for grandparents or for godparents or just for you, to hang in your own family home.  A moment in time, preserved forever.